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Water Quality

On Thursday January 30th the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board awarded the Gualala River Watershed Council with the 2013 Executive Officer’s Water Quality Stewardship Award. This is the first time the award has been presented in recent history.

Matt St John the Regional Boards Executive Officer presents the Watershed Stewardship Award to Kathleen Morgan, GRWC and Henry Alden, GRI

The award was presented for exceptional work to protect and restore water quality and stream habitat conditions of the Gualala River Watershed and states “Over the past 20 years the Gualala River Watershed Council has promoted watershed restoration projects that have implemented the Gualala River Sediment TMDL, reduced erosion and improved stream conditions of the Gualala River Watershed, while also coordinating extensive landscape and water quality monitoring, providing quality data for the public to assess watershed recovery.  On behalf of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region we thank you for this outstanding work”.

Gualala Redwoods, Inc. and Henry Alden, Forest Manager of GRI, were also acknowledge by the  Regional Board for their collaborative efforts and support of the Watershed Council’s  work to restore the natural balance of the Gualala River Watershed.


From left to right are Roxane Chidlaw, GRWC, Kirsten Sequoia, GRWC, Sean Case, GRWC, Bob Klamt, NCRWQCB, Henry Alden, GRI, Kathleen Morgan, GRWC, Brian McFadden, NCRWQCB , Judy Rosales, GRWC, Jim Burke, NCRWQCM.


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