Gualala Redwoods Inc


Two old growth redwoods stand amidst healthy second and third growth trees.
The Edmunds family bought Gualala Redwoods in 1948 with two other partners. In 1986, the Edmunds family became the sole owners. The family is proudly committed to sustainable management and responsible stewardship. Gualala Redwoods is a healthy working second growth redwood and Douglas-fir forest. Good soils, abundant rain, and vigorous trees allow the forest to be sustainably harvested forever. Careful attention has been given to balancing harvest and growth, restoring the watershed where needed, and monitoring to assure that management impacts are minimized. Harvesting continues today using modern techniques and implementing mitigations to minimize impacts on the environment. GRI sold its timberlands in 2015.
These mature redwood trees sprouted from this old growth stump after the tree was cut over 100 years ago


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