Gualala Redwoods Inc


Gualala Redwoods Inc. (GRI) is a 67 year old family held redwood forest company which owned 30,000 acres of robust and highly productive second growth redwood forest along the scenic Mendocino and Sonoma County coast in Northern California in the Gualala River watershed.   GRI's primary business was the sustained growth and sustained production of high quality redwood and Douglas-fir sawlogs for sawmills in the area and for export to China.   We carefully balanced economics with protection of the environment for fish, wildlife, and the Gualala River watershed. 
GRI sold most of its timberland acreage in 2015 and now owns some residual Higher and Better Use land at the river mouth, zoned industrial, and commercial and residential zoned land in the town, which is for sale.
This photo is looking north from the south end of The Sea Ranch and down the Gualala River.


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