Gualala Redwoods Inc

Management Information

The GPS carries GRI data on road sites (green dots), Spotted Owl call stations (red flag), logging areas (green), main roads (Red), etc.
Gualala Redwoods has built an extensive forest management data platform to help us make forestry decisions. Our Arc Info Geographic Information System layers are linked to Access databases so we can map our past and planned activities. Much of this information can be loaded onto handheld GPS units to increase the efficiency of field work. Some of the useful information linkages between maps and data include:
  • Timber harvest plans
  • Road and road site information
  • Ownership information
  • Stream and aquatic health information
  • Over 5,000 photos referenced to map locations.
  • Silvicultural treatment history
  • Northern Spotted Owl locations and surveys
  • Vegetation and forest inventory information


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