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Gualala Redwoods was one of the most stable landowners in the region.  GRI has a long history of sustainable environmentally sensitive timber harvesting on the property.  We have not run out of trees, and we will not.   GRI operates under the toughest state and federal forest practice regulations found anywhere in the world.  These rules are designed to protect water quality, soils, fish, wildlife species, sensitive plants, and archeological sites.

GRI's owners have made substantial investments in reforestation, timber stand maintenance, road improvements, habitat restoration, and watershed monitoring.  Over the decades of sustained yield forestry, Gualala Redwoods has used a mixture of even aged and selection forestry. Openings are planted with redwood and Douglas-fir. Brush and hardwood competition is reduced. Many stands are thinned to increase tree growth.   The tree growth on Gualala Redwoods exceeds harvest.  GRI uses sophisticated geographic information systems and forest inventory and growth models for planning.  These tools enable GRI’s interwoven goals of timber production, fish and wildlife protection, carbon sequestration, and watershed management.  GRI’s long range planning and implementation assures a healthy sustainable forest resource.  

Crews plant trees after logging
Planted in 1997, this photo was taken in 2001. Redwood seedlings are barely visible between the clumps of redwood sprouts.
In 2011 the same area has been thinned and is free to grow. The redwood seedlings are catching up to the redwood sprouts.
Unnaturally high densities of tan oak trees are reduced to make room for conifers


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